A Guide to Securing Ice Cream Truck Rentals

29 Jan

During your younger years, you might have remembered the times when you came rushing to an ice cream truck to get your hands on your favorite frozen treat. As you grow older, ice cream trucks are no longer just giving you the treats that you want but giving you high returns being great investments. In fact, when you sell 200 ice creams in a few blocks, you will be able to earn between $200 and $350 in just one whole day. So, if you think that you are capable of making this much money, then now is the time that you consider getting in touch with ice cream truck rental companies near you. Check out ice cream cart rental near me.

There are a lot of ice cream truck rental companies that you can choose from in this day and age. However, you should take note of a few things before you find one. Fortunately, this article will serve as a guide to securing ice cream truck rentals.

Determining the kind of ice cream you want to sell must be your first consideration in choosing an ice cream truck rental. When it comes to selling ice cream, you have to choose between selling the pre-packaged ice cream or selling the soft serve variant. There are different requirements between the two that is why you have to pick one accordingly. For instance, while pre-packaged ice cream will not give you that much hassle, you may have to have room for your freezer and some additional ice for emergency reasons. Meanwhile, soft serve machines will only require enough room for moving and will utilize less space but then you have to always clean it so that you are not breaking any health regulation.

Second, you have to calculate and compare your rental fees with your profits. When it comes to ice cream truck rental companies, you can expect that they will have different mileage charges and fee schedules. It is your right as the client to know what is the overall costs of the ice cream truck rental that you will be choosing. Make sure that you will be going over every detail of the costs that are entailed in an ice cream truck rental so you will not be surprised when pay time arrives. Once you find out how much the ice cream truck rental company will charge you, figure out if you can make more profit from it on a monthly or weekly basis.

Ensure that you also do not focus on hidden costs but hidden clauses as well that might add up to your overall costs. For example, one ice cream truck rental company might require you to return their truck with a full tank of gas. Finally, you should not forget to look into the ice cream trucks yourself and inspect them if they are well and able before you sign any contract with an ice cream truck rental company. The inspection should range from the condition of the ice cream truck to the required paperwork. Learn more from ice cream catering Los Angeles.

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